Veneciano vax

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Package: 1 kilos.

Price: 11000 rubles.

Package: 3 kilos.

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Veneciano Vax is a colorless protective wax. It is used for Venetian plasters to create the effect of noble shiny gloss. Unlike other waxes, Veneciano Vax does not create and additional film on the surface, instead it literally sinks into its structure, filling surface micropores. This technology protects the surface from the aggressive environment.
Veneciano Vax is not to be dissolved in water, it’s 100% ready to use as sold. This material is totally organic. It contains organic fat, bee wax, lumber gum, nutritional fragrances and thickeners, which makes the material totally eco-clean and GMO-free.
Veneciano Vax can be tinted with any water-based tints, including powder-based Shine tints. This creates the golden or aged-metal effect.
Primary features:
— Doesn’t create an extra layer of film;
— 100% ready to use;
— Eco-clean product;
— Doesn’t change surface’s color;
— Easy to apply;
— Doesn’t burn;
— Virtually scentless;
— Easy to restore;
— Can be tinted with any water-based tints.
For interior application.
To be applied in 1 or 2 layers.
Warranty and storage conditions:
Storage temperature: from 3 to 38 C
Application temperature: from 3 to 38 C
Freeze/unfreeze cycles: up to 6 times (short term exposure up to -35 C)
Storage time: up to 24 months in original sealed package.
Technical info:
Density (DIN EN 2811-1, gm/square cm): 0,9±0,02
Viscosity (DIN EN ISO 2884-2:2006),mPa*second: 1700000-1400000
Non-volatile components (DIN EN ISO 3251),%: 25±0,5
Volatile organic components (DIN EN ISO 11890-2), gr/liter: 30
рН-level (DIN ISO 976-1998),units: 5,0 — 7,0
Approximate consumption at recommended layer thickness of 0.2 mm, gr/square meter: 20 – 40
Recommended number of layers: 2
Drying time (on touch): 1 hour
Drying time before second application: 24 hours
Complete drying time: 20 days

Usually used with:

Creama Bianco
Folgio Veneziano