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Package — 5 kilos

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Luxdeco varnish is used with decorative or Venetian plasters. Luxdeco cover is also used to create the effect of aged decorative plaster or shiny Venetian plaster. This varnish creates strong covering layer with a light glossy effect, helps save the colors and saturation of the decorative plaster.
Luxdeco protects the surface from scratching and mechanical impact. Decorative plasters covered with Luxdeco are suitable for intensive cleaning, for the high-humidity areas. 
Application cycles
Product is ready to use.
Luxdeco is applied with a stapula, foam roll with rounded edges, or foam sponge. 
Storage temperature: 0 to +30 C.
Application temperature: +5 — +40 C.
The following numbers are accurate for the conditions of +20 C and 70% of relative humidity.
Material usage: 40-50 m2/5 kilos (one layer application) Appearance: transparent with light gloss Color: colorless Only internal use Instrument care: just rinse with water. Application with stapula, foam roll, sponge Drying time: 2-4 hours Complete drying time: 24 hours Flammable at and above: 40 C Best before: 1 year

Usually used with:

Microbeton Art
Microcement Art
Antico Silver

The application of this varnish doesn’t need any special knowledge or skill. It’s a pure pleasure to work with it. It is being applied evenly without any leaks or junctions.


How to use the decorative plaster varnish

It’s essential to follow rules and not exceed certain limitations when working with Luxdeco protective varnish. You should apply varnish on dry surface. The air and surface temperature should be more than 5 C, relative air humidity – not more than 80%.


It’s much more comfortable to work at a quite low temperature about +15 C and comparatively high humidity of about 50-70%. Concurrently, the drying time increases, thus facilitating the work with the materials, increasing the quality of decorative surface.


The unpainted surface is preliminarily prepared for future varnish application. For better result the surface should be clean, degreased, and dust-free. If the surface is new, you can start with Luxdeco application immediately. Antico Silver paint is to be used in order to achieve the pearl-shine effect.

Special Kontakt-Quarz Grunt anti-corrosion primer is used for metallic surfaces and items. Walls are evened-out before application. Once the wall is dry, it’s being polished and evened with special finish plasters. Uneven surfaces are to be prepared by polishing until they are even and mat.


Fast-action plaster is used for evening out and filling-in the cracks. After polishing the dust is to be removed. The application of primer is performed according to the same rules as when applying on unpainted mural surfaces.


Special primer is used for surfaces covered with nitrocellulose varnish or paint. Glossy walls are polished to be mat, dust is removed, the surface is evened-out with Spakkeli or Presto plasters as described before. Taika paint is also used for the furniture. Before application Luxdeco varnish should be carefully mixed.


Usually it’s applied with rolls, sprays or synthetic brushes. On large surface it is more convenient to start with the roll, and then to even out with a brush. In order to achieve the effect of even gloss, one should pick only quality brushes. That is emphasized with the pattern left by the bristle.