Setting retarder


Price: 600 rubles.

Package: 150 gr.

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Setting retarder is an organic additive that increases the drying time of Venetian, decorative plasters and allows to increase the life time of the decorative material, reduces the time of the beginning of setting of the material.


Drying retarder for Venetian and decorative materials is a colorless gel-like additive, which includes a special complex of bio additives, which prevents moisture from quickly evaporating from the decorative material. This additive is necessary to extend the life of the material when a certain coating pattern is created. For example, when mixed with acrylic plaster, this additive, without changing the main characteristics of the finishing material, makes it a little brighter, more plastic during the working process of operation. The use of the moderator is relevant when working in conditions:


low humidity,


high temperature,

on large areas.

The company offers Wowcolor drying retarder for decorative and Venetian plaster that is used for internal works. This additive is not tinted, effective for decorative materials made on the basis of synthetic polymers. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage of more than 10% to the volume of the material. Not used for alkyd-based materials.

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