Dune Gold

Price: 6800 rubl.

Package: 3 kilos.

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Dune Gold is a decorative acrylic cover with golden particles. It creates a velvet shimmering effect. Due to the effect of reduction of the reflection angle this material creates an optical effect of velvet tissue, which is the main feature of this material. Interiors covered with Dune Gold are light and airy. The colors are multilateral; the effect of prestige and coziness is created.
Dune Gold material (with golden base) is easy to apply and restore, it’s durable, suits great for kid’s areas, corridors, living rooms.
Suitable surfaces: all surfaces based on plaster, cement, and limestone plaster. The surface must be even, clean, and covered with first layer of finish plaster.

Surface preparation: Apply first layer of Ecoprime with a roller. Apply second layer of Fonprimer with short-brush roller or a trowel. Let the surface dry.

Application with a spatula: Apply homogenous layer of Dune Gold with a plastic spatula and smooth-out until evened. Use same instrument for the second layer. Use crossing strokes for desired effect.
Addition: To increase decorative and anti-vapor features Luxdeco or Betonfix application is recommended.

Technical characteristics
No need to mix with water, product is ready to use.
~0,15-0,2 kilo per 1 square meter (1 thick layer with a trowel of 2 thinner layers)
Material consumption: 4 – 7 square meters per kilo (2 layers)
Drying time: Between layers: 3-5 hours, complete drying – 7 days.
Package: 3 and 6 kilos.
Best before: 12 months in original package.
Storage/application temperature: +5°C — +35°C
Apply only on dry plaster. Use smaller spatula for finer pattern. Dune Gold should be tinted in the same proportion as the Fonprimer layer. To avoid unwanted colors vary the number of tints and mix them together. Surface can be lightly washed if previously varnished. The final looks of the material may vary depending on the artisan’s creative potential and application effect. Drying time depends on the environment.

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