Antico Silver

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Package: 6 kilos.

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Short description
Silk plaster with pearl-effect for interior use.
Average material usage
~0.2 kilo per 1 square meter (if applied in 1 thick layer with a trowel or 2 thinner layers).

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We are happy to offer you ANTICO SILVER – the silk plaster with pearl-effect. This material imitates silky and velvet-like feel with pearl- and golden shine on the surface. This decorative plaster contains light-reflecting particles that refract light and reflect it in different directions. This is the key to the noble shimmering and silk-effect.

This silk-effect plaster is almost all-purpose, can be used for interiors of almost any style and design. This a modern means replacing the usual wall-paint. It is extremely easy to apply for both professionals and apprentices. More than that, its application is hassle-free even for an amateur.

ANTICO SILVER is applied with a paint-roll, a brush, or a trowel. Trowel must be made of stainless material, have rounded edges; the paint-roll should be not too large, made of foam-rubber. There are several application techniques for this material. One of them is called silk-screen painting – simple even application. Silk-effect plaster ANTICO SILVER is applied with a trowel, spatula, or a paint-roll; the surface becomes even, velvet-like, imitating metal-sheet, or stretched velvet material. This decorative plaster is ideal for high-tech or minimalistic interiors, where such natural materials as wood, metal, or cloth are widely used.

Such silky plaster is easy to use in decoration. ANTICO SILVER can not only be applied to the walls, but also above the old-fashioned wallpaper or layer of old decorative plaster. In order to achieve the brightness of colors, you should add water-based colorants to the main amount of decorative plaster. On the other hand, it this effect is not desired, you shouldn’t add colorants to the plaster.

One more well-known application of ANTICO SILVER is so called “shrunken” or “folded” silk imitation. This technique is more complicated and should be performed by skilled professional only. Silk-effect plaster ANTICO SILVER is applied in numerous layers partially covering one another. This partial covering is done with the use of a trowel or a spatula, chaotically intersecting. This technique imitates the folds of the wet silk; this effect can be used in any decorative style – classic or modern. Several colors may be used to shape the so-called “folds”; it imitates even more shimmering of light and colors combined with pearl-effect. Additional color can be added to basis layer upon your wish as well.

The third technique imitates the “curls”, probably the most complicated but also most intriguing silk plaster application technique. ANTICO SILVER decorative plaster is applied in two layers: the first one must be even, the second one imitates the “curls”. Trowels or spatula is used for that purpose. As said before, this technique is quite complicated for experiments with your future interior. Therefore, our advice is to contact local interior design specialists. First layer must have one color, the second layer should differ slightly or be totally opposite, or golden color must be used. Using these color variations provides the imitation of velvet with ancient ornament, which suits perfectly to classic interiors.

ANTICO SILVER plaster can help shape any interior and become its specialty. It suit any interior, it is eco-friendly, has water in its base and lets the walls “breathe”. Silk plaster ANTICO GOLD is easy to restore without the help of the professionals, you can restore it by yourself even if applied as finger-paint. There are no leftover signs of different layers applied, which is achieved due to light-reflecting particles contained in it.

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