Multidecor Brilliance Gold
Decorative glazing material

Price: 7500 rubles.

Package — 3 kilos

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Multidecor Brilliance Gold decorative glazing material can be applied with a roller, sponge, tampon, aerograph, brush, and a trowel. The choice of material depends on the fantasy of the designer and the proficiency level of the artisan. Hence, this decorative material lets you achieve unique mural decoration (as in respect of color, so in the appearance) with the consideration of the premises style and purpose. Due to the components of this material (acrylic gum, water suspension, metallic particles with pearl effect), this decorative cover has the following utilitarian characteristics. It is washable, anti-fungal, decorative effect. Conforms to DIN 53 778 S-SM. It’s odorless, non-flammable, harmless to human and environment.
Prepare the surface depending on its type:
— For plaster: even out the surface; isolate possible stains of smoke, grease or glue; cover with Krilux acrylic fixture with a roller or a brush.
— For wood: cover with plaster coating; clean the surface; isolate with Novalis Fondo Riemptivo.
— Plastic laminate board, aluminum, and other non-porous surfaces: degrease and clean the surface; coat with Fundgrap or Novalis Agropante primer.
— Metal: cover with Oikos Novalis Antirugine anti-rust.
Primer preparation: Once the surface is ready coat with two layers of the chosen color (Oikos Multifund or Ultrasatin) in order to create a non-absorbing surface. Coat with Multidecor after 4-6 hours.
1.07 kilo per liter

8,5 — 9

Storage temperature:
+5°С-+40°С. Non-frost-resistant.
Application temperature:

+5-+40°С (at relative humidity of 80%)

13.000-17.000 CPS Brookfield (RVT 25 RPM at 30°С)
Cleaning effect:
Conforms to DIN 53 778 standard: paint layer without supplements in less than 900 abrasive cycles.
Conforms to DIN 53 778 standard: paint layer without supplements in less than 1200 abrasive cycles.
Vaporization persistence:
Conforms to DIN 53 778 standard: paint layer without supplements in less than 4500 abrasive cycles.
Reaction to fire:

Negative when used on non-flammable surfaces.

0,9 m

Brilliance Gold

No need, material is ready to use. Some dissolving possible with drinking water, not more than 40%.
5-10 square meters per kilo depending on desired effect.
Drying time (“on touch”):
45 minutes at +25 C and relative humidity of 80%
Drying time (ready to be washed):
7 days at +25 C and relative humidity of 80%
Primer, ground layer:
If used as a stand-alone coating use Ecoprime as a primer, Fonprimer as a ground layer.
Doesn’t contain harmful substances, pigments or other components, containing heavy metals as chromium or led. Besides that, it doesn’t contain toxic, aromatic or chlorine-containing dissolvent. No harmful polymerization observed. Non-flammable. Non-toxic and harmless if used properly. Standard precautionary measures for water-based substances recommended. No special conditions for storage, transporting needed. If spilled, collect using inert absorbing materials (sand, wood chips, clay, etc.) and recycle as standard solid waste.

Usually used with:

Folgio Veneziano