Cera Art

Price: 7200 rubles.

Package — 2.5 lt

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Cera Art is a finish varnish for all types of surfaces. Provides maximum moisture protection and additional durability of the surface layer. Prevents corrosion on metal surface, elongates life-span. Suitable for moist accommodations, for surfaces exposed to water. Can be used on all preliminarily prepared mineral surfaces: concrete, plaster, metal, plasterboard, lumber-based and decorative surfaces.

Mix thoroughly with spatula before use.
Apply with a roller, spray, sponge or a brush.
Depending on the desired result and intended exposure of the surface, number of layers may vary from 1 to 6.
Before applying a new layer over the previous one, it’s recommended to lightly polish with medium-sized sandpaper (120-180) and to clean from dust for best result.
It’s recommended to cover the first layer with “White Spirit” liquid.
Allow 24 hours for the material to be completely dry.
Use at temperatures above 5 C. Do not freeze.
Protects natural appearance of the decorative material.
Decorative cover becomes resistant to various atmospheric factors after application.
Creates protective film, which protects from moisture.
May tint the color of the surface slightly.
Sample application is recommended before use.
Safety measures:
Easily flammable. Frequent exposure of skin may have drying effect.
Keep in places unreachable to children.
Do not flush to sewerage, natural water reservoir or soil.
Use only in ventilated premises.
Contact physician immediately if swallowed.
Acrylate dispersion, functional supplement, cobalites, methyl ethyl ketoxime.
200-300 gr / square meter
Best before:
12 months after manufacturing date.

Usually used with:

Microbeton Art