Microcement Art

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Package: 15 kilos.

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Short description:
Usage amount:
~1 kilo per 1 square meter (application in 2-3 layers)

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Color palette

Decorative material called Microcement Art is new to interior design, top-notch material in existing variety of plasters. Microcement is used for floor and mural decoration. It provides smooth surface with no junctures. This material contains of cement and polymers making it highly adhesive.
Due to this quality it suits great for applying on different types of surfaces: starting with concrete and metal, finishing with ceramic tiles. It can be used for decoration of floors, staircases, or even bathrooms.

Microcement is manufactured using new technology making it a totally new type of cement. The uniqueness of microcement is all about the size of the grains used. The size of a single grain is twice less than human hair; respectively the material is especially dense and water-proof. So, the grain of microcement is only 5-7 micrometer in diameter, at the same time as the grain of usual cement is about 60-80 micrometers large.
The size of the grain provides extreme density of the surface despite the microcement layer’s thinness. To achieve the grains’ mutual adhesion polymer, quartz or tint is needed. The tint is used for coloring in interior design. Wide gamut of colors ranging up to 1000 different options lets you bring all of your decoration ideas to life.
Along with unusual texture, microcement is also knows for its special exploitation traits. Due to extreme thinness of the layer (1-3 mm), it’s very durable, comparable to some sorts of wood. The material is water- and moisture-proof. This trait is useful for bathroom and pools construction and decoration. More than that, Microcement is resistant to temperature changes and different types of bacteria and germs.

WoWColor is offering Microcement Art exclusively on the territory of the Russian Federation.
WoWColor company gave second life to the material called cement. Unique manufacturing formula let us create totally new material with unique traits. The creators of this formula made their huge contribution to the entire decoration industry.
We have huge experience in application of this material in Russia. Our staff is proficient with this decorative material. Experience and constant perfection of skills allows us to carry out professional and high-quality works with microcement.

Our customers always ask us about our competitive advantages. And we can always boldly answer that our narrow specialization is our main specialty and competitive advantage. We have an over 10-year experience with Venetian plasters.
Microcement is a quite new material. Our staff have spent substantial amount of time to master it, sharpen the skills of microcement application. Our artisans go deep inside this topic and start creating new textures and application techniques. This devotion makes it possible for us to unveil new horizons with such an amazing material as microcement.
Our artisans are very high-level professionals; some have even had practice abroad.
But no matter how much we praise ourselves, the best result of our work is our customers’ satisfaction and objects we’ve decorated. Among our customers there are private persons, commercial companies, construction companies, and architectural studios. We deeply appreciate that these customers chose us. They are the ones who allow us to take pictures of interiors in order to publish them on the web.

Microcement Art is a material for internal decoration and creating various creative effects. Besides the creative potential this material is also very functional. Cement dust and polymer filling are the main components of Microcement Art. Due to dust grains’ small size the material has great coverage capability, is able to fill in smallest cracks and flaws on a surface.
Microcement Art is easy to apply, it lasts long and looks great. It’s usually tinted according to initial design of the interior decorator. Each surface processed with Microcement Art is unique. It can be compared to wood or marble used in decoration.

Microcement technical specifications:
Microcement Art creates the surface only about 2-3 mm thick. This is quite handy when doing light internal redecoration. For example, you can apply Microcement Art on your floor and you won’t have to shorten your doors in order for them to open and close. Microcement Art can also be applied not only to walls, but also floors and even stairs.
When used for the stairs, it’s recommended to use metallic edges evened with the material. Being unbelievably moisture-proof, Microcement Art becomes even more universal in application. It can be used in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, pools, where high humidity is usual.