Folgio Veneziano

Price: 5300 rubl.

Package: 3 kilos.

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Short description:
Usage amount:
0.7 kilos per 1 m2 (3-4 layers)

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Folgio veneziano is a Venetian plaster with pearl shine and light noble shimmering-effect. It was first introduced in Ancient Rome. It is manufactured from tiniest natural material-based marble and pearl particles and water. The manufacturers only produce natural material-based Folgio veneziano.


Folgio venetiano material is applied as a finish layer on the Venetian plaster to achieve the effect of noble pearl shine. The effect of internal shining from the wall is created with Folgio veneziano decorative material, it looks like it’s made of pearl marble. The surface created with Venetian plaster creates the depth imitation effect itself (due to numerous layers of plaster applied one above the other), Folgio veneziano is used as a finish layer. Expressiveness, saturation and surface protection are directly correlated with the number of layers applied of this decorative material.

The variability of the color gamut lets you achieve the pearl shine effect with Folgio veneziano. Folgio veneziano is a magnificent combination of old Italian traditions and new technology; this truly can be considered as basis for the durability and high level of performance of this material.

You can purchase Venetian plaster in our office. We are the dealers of such brands as Wowcolor, Candis, San Marco. Also you can familiarize yourself with the price list by downloading it from our web-site.

The difference between the plasters by different manufacturers is their components: acrylic or limestone binding. The limestone-based Venetian plaster can further be divided in two: small- and large-particle based. The plaster based on small fractions creates “deep” multi-layered picture (as in case of Creama Bianco); the one based on large fractions (as in case of Marrocano Art) help create a coarse texture.

The largest disadvantage of natural limestone-based materials is the high speed of water evaporation and the ability to absorb tinting color which gives brighter and richer color but doesn’t have even basic plasticity. One should note that in order to achieve a rich tone you need more colorant (tint), which is one of the reasons of increased cost per square meter.

The solution of this problem is known as synthetic or acrylic plaster, which is being manufactured in two types: white and transparent. White base layer lets you create soft shades of color, at the same time the transparent type gives richer color. The cost per square meter is lower when you’re using the synthetic color due to decreased use of colorant; even small amounts of it give rich colors.

To appropriately protect the acrylic plaster it is being covered with special wax; different manufacturers have opposite opinions on this issue though. One this can be said for sure: once you’ve used wax, you’ve eliminated the possibility of future reconstruction of the surface.

Once you’ve purchased the plaster, next issue is to be solved. You need to choose the artisan who would provide you with the wanted result. Huge experience is needed for Venetian plaster application: the artisan must be creative, needs to be skillful in combining different shades of the material. It is highly recommended to resort to help of reliable and trusted professionals.