Microbeton Art

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Package: 20 kilos.

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Short description:
Usage amount:

~1 kilo per 1 square meter (application in 2-3 layers)

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“Microbeton Art” is a firm decorative material, which is used as a replacement for floor-tiles and self-leveling floor.
Fine-grained microcement and calibrated quartz are used as a base for this material. The size of quartz is comparable to the amount of applied layer, which is handy and lets you predict the result with high accuracy. It’s easy to clean (sponge with neutral cleaning liquid); can be applied over existing materials on floors and walls. You can ensure fast, high-quality, modern, and long-lasting redecoration with this material.
Is it you requirement to guarantee firm floor in a boutique, restaurant, car-sales showroom, business-center, and other public facility, or to equip long-lasting and neat-looking floors at home? Then you will surely like microconcrete manufactured by WoWcolor.

Having to offer a wide spectrum of colors and stable structure, this material can satisfy different customers’ needs according to their interior design.
Microconcrete is a two-component polymer decorative plaster.
It is applied on any vertical or horizontal surface during interior or exterior works.
Besides that, this material is pedestrian-proof, since it contains fine-grain quartz used not only in interior decoration, but also for construction of border-stones and pedestrian sidewalks.

Microconcrete is also extremely firm. Its firmness is comparable to some sorts of wood. It’s considered to be a good replacement for ceramic tile decoration.
Besides that, it is vapor-proof, doesn’t change its characteristics during temperature changes. That’s why it’s widely used in bathrooms, showers and pools construction and decoration.
The color gamut of this material is up to 1000 tints, which lets you bring all your designer’s ideas to life.

Wall preparation for dry rooms:
Before application, the walls should be accordingly prepared. To insure high quality of decoration, the mural surface must be dry, leveled, contain no crack or flaws. The curviness of the surface should not exceed 0.2 mm (in accordance with 3D-rule). All outer angles made with metallic angle must be covered with plaster; inner right angles should be exactly 90 degrees. Use sand-paper to remove bumps, overflows and other flaws. Vacuum the surface after processing.

Cover the surface with a deep-penetrating primer (such as Ecoprime 1:2 or 1:4 water solution, depending on the type of surface). Apply in 2 or 3 layers, must give time for intermediary drying. Prepare walls for microconcrete the same way as for painting, but do not use painting glass-canvas.
Note: There is no need for glass-canvas (web) during the application of microcement. For high adhesion to other materials (tiles, mosaics, etc) it’s only needed about 1 – 1.5 cm to be left.

Preparing floor for microconcrete:
No common recommendation can be given; each case is to be considered separately. It depends on the surface and our final task. Some common cases are: weak strained floor, poor hydroinsulation, items left in the base-layer of the floor. Other surfaces being adjacent (tiles, parquet), edges enforcement, floor-leveling without baseboard.

Preparation for application of microconcrete in moist conditions:
In moist conditions it is recommended to use hydrocement-based blends (“dry blends”) for mural preparations. (Details on belladecor.ru – manufacturer’s website). It is recommended to cover the surface with BETONCONTACT before applying of the blend for better adhesion. It’s also needed to provide future dryness of the wall, prevents from technology breach. If processed correctly and evenly, no further evening with water-proof blend is needed.

Otherwise, it’s better carried out with polymer cement-based high moisture-durable plasters. For high adhesion to other materials (tiles, mosaics, etc) it’s only needed about 1 – 1.5 cm to be left. If your bathroom of shower is constructed with the use of such plasterboard materials as Rotband, it is recommended to use primers as EcoPrime for moisture insulation.