Microbeton Art

Price: 5350 rubl.

Package: 20 kilos.

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Short description:
Usage amount:

~1 kilo per 1 square meter (application in 2-3 layers)

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“Microbeton Art” is a firm decorative material, which is used as a replacement for floor-tiles and self-leveling floor.
Fine-grained microcement and calibrated quartz are used as a base for this material. The size of quartz is comparable to the amount of applied layer, which is handy and lets you predict the result with high accuracy. It’s easy to clean (sponge with neutral cleaning liquid); can be applied over existing materials on floors and walls. You can ensure fast, high-quality, modern, and long-lasting redecoration with this material.
Is it you requirement to guarantee firm floor in a boutique, restaurant, car-sales showroom, business-center, and other public facility, or to equip long-lasting and neat-looking floors at home? Then you will surely like microconcrete manufactured by WoWcolor.