Price: 17800 rubles.

Package — (5litr+1litr+1litr)

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LUNA is a reliable two-component finishing decorative coating consisting of a base (component A) and of a hardener (component B). It has a high resistance to abrasion and is also used as a finishing varnish. When adding decorative fillers can simulate the surface of marble or stone. The material is ideal for apartments as well for industrial facilities as a floor covering. It is used for table tops, decorative panos, for bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, parkings, in garages, warehouses, in children’s, educational and medical institutions, apartments, offices, etc. The material makes it possible to get a strong, high-strength decorative coating with various decorative effects.

Area of application:
The product is ready for use. The product is applied using a stainless steel spatula or trowel, stainless steel, roller or brush, depending on the desired effect. This material consists of two components, is ideal for a wide range of repair work. Component A and component B are mixed in a ratio of one to one in weight: 5 kg (A) + 2 kg (B). It is allowed to dilute it with a solvent of not more than 10%, if necessary. It is tinted by colorants based on water in any color and shade. Base color — Cream white (RAL 9001). It is allowed to add a colorant not more than 10%. The product should be applied to the surface at a temperature of +10°C to +30°C.      
Wood pitch, acrylate additives, solvent, plasticizers.
Material consumption as a filler layer:
0.8-1.4kg per m2
Total weight of the set: 7 kg (+ -100g base + hardener). Base (component A): 5 kg Hardener (component B): 2 kg       
Shelf life:
24 months from the date of manufacture