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Package: 7 kgs.

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Isoflex is one of the most demanded materials used for metallic bases, ceramic plaques, glass, and concrete walls. This primer increases the adhesive quality of surface substantially, when they are being prepared for the further decorative material application.
Requirements for the surface
The surface must be dry, clean, dust-, fat-, mold-free. Any previous layers should be peeled off and surface should be evened out according to the requirements.
Mix before use. Material is ready. Apply with a roll, brush or spray at temperatures from +5 to +35 C.

Usage amount: up to 35 square meters
Warranty and storage conditions
Storage temperature: +5 — +35 C
Application temperature: +5 — +35 C
To be stored in original closed package up to 12 months.

Material Details

What is Isoflex? It is an acrylic bindings-based solution. Such components as calibrated fine quartz, concrete, and special adhesion improving additions are contained in it. Isoflex plays a role of butter in a sandwich, holding together the walls with plaster applied. The concrete walls themselves are quite even, so the surface must be made a little coarser in order for the plaster to be applied upon. This is the role of quartz inside the primer. The sand is a very coarse material. After application, the surface starts to feel like coarse sandpaper. This facilitates the adhesion with any type of decorative plaster, microcement, or microconcrete. The same substance applied to particle-board would not only facilitate the application of plaster, but also makes them more durable. Sometimes you can face some trouble removing old stains from the walls during reconstruction (e.g. old paint or oily stains that create fat stains on the walls). But Isoflex solves this problem, after its application you can move on to the plaster application. This primer is eco-friendly, odorless, so that you can use it for both external and internal purposes. Isoflex is non-toxic, creates no toxic fumes, lets walls “breathe”. Compared to other types of primers Isoflex has a number of advantages: it is fast drying, water-proof, and long-lasting.


The first thing to prepare before Isoflex usage is the clean dust- and grease-free surface. If any leftovers of old paint or plaster are still left on the ceiling or the walls, they must be peeled off. You can apply Isoflex if the temperature is not less than +5 C. The manufacturer also recommends to disconnect from the power mains during the application of the primer. The solution is sold ready-to-use. Mix before use. The primer is usually applied with paint-roll.

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