Creama Bianco Stucco Veneziano

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Short description
Polished marble-effect (polymer gums and marble powder-based) acrylic Venetian plaster.
Average material usage:
~0.5 kilos per 1 square meter (if applied in 3 layers).

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CREAMA BIANCO is the material used for interior decoration to create the marble effect on the surface. This plaster contains of marble dust and a number of special bonding elements. This type of plaster is often referred to as Venetian plaster due to its genesis.


Many historical regions of Italy (like Venice and other) are known for using the ancient-roman wall-decoration technology. The marble dust, which had been left behind the excavation of the marble mines, was used in it. On one hand, the utilization of the marble dust-based plaster was much less expensive than the use of marble itself; on the other – the plaster itself is much more soft and versatile material than the marble.

The technology of STUCCO VENEZIANO decorative plaster application is quite effort-demanding; the material is applied in several thin layers (2 to 12, and even more), gets mixed with additional colorants to gain the stone-veins effect; often polishing is needed as the final step of the process. However, these difficulties are compensated by truly countless options of the artistic application; the interiors are rich-looking, sometimes even luxurious. The large number of layers of CREAMA BIANCO makes the surface visually deeper, creates the shimmering effect if the lights are set up in the correct way.

This article is intended to familiarize the reader with the special features of CREAMA BIANCO STUCCO VENEZIANO material, introduce in most general way to its application technology.

CREAMA BIANCO technical features

There are some technical features of CREAMA BIANCO that need to be emphasized.


Firstly, the material is made of clean raw-stuff; therefore it is eco-friendly.


Secondly, it is totally odorless; therefore it is suitable for living quarters.


Thirdly, CREAMA BIANCO STUCCO VENEZIANO is permeable to vapor. It allows the surfaces, which are covered with it, to “breathe”. Also, you can use this material in wide range of interiors – from the bathroom to the hotel reception. It’s also important to note this material’s high endurance to the surrounding environment, e.g. light, above the normal humidity.

Most often the surfaces with Venetian plaster are being polished in order to imitate the highest grades of polished marble. The future owners of the commodity are definitely going to intend to protect the expensive and luxurious-looking interior. Any sorts of additional varnishes and waxes naturally create a new layer. This layer protects the decoration, besides its main functions (toning and glazing), of course.