Siwagi Oro

Short description
Usage amount:
~0,2 kilos per 1 square meter (1 layer application with a brush)

+ additional 5% discount when ordering from 50,000 rubles
+ additional 15% discount when ordering from 100,000 rubles
+ additional 20% discount when ordering from 200,000 rubles

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Price: 6000 rubl.

Package: 3 kilos.

Price: 12000 rubl.

Package: 6 kilos.

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Color palette

Siwagi Oro is a decorative with quartz filling with pearl effect on a golden base, which creates light metallic shimmering effect. These components provide a pleasant shining and gradient of colors. Thanks to this trait, Siwagi Oro lets you create unusual color solutions, pleasant visually and sensually, making the interior amazingly cozy according to newest trends in interior design.


Siwagi Oro cover is easy to apply on walls. This material is universally applicable, which lets both professionals and amateurs to work with it and achieve high-quality results.