Travertino new concept

Price: 6300 rubles.

Package: 25 kilos.

+ additional 5% discount when ordering from 50,000 rubles
+ additional 15% discount when ordering from 100,000 rubles
+ additional 20% discount when ordering from 200,000 rubles

Get a 50% discount on dealership terms

Short description
Material imitates aged travertine stone. Used both for interior and exterior decoration.
~1.6 kilos per 1 square meter (if applied in 1-2 layers)

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Color palette

Our company offers a wide range of decorative materials: from pearl-effect decorative plaster to individually developed multi-component plasters.

We’d like to take a closer look at the Травертин (Travertino) decorative plaster. This plaster is #1 in sales and most widely demanded by the market.

TRAVERTINO decorative plaster is so versatile, that it can be used in any types of interiors without taking into considerations technical details and the appearance of the material.

Let’s start with technical features.

TRAVERTINO material is permeable to vapor, that said, it means the material allows the walls to “breathe”. It’s a positive thing not only from the ecological point of view, not only it being non-toxic, but this feature also allows to use this material in areas where the surfaces may have a tendency to sag or where the temperatures change drastically. TRAVERTINO plaster contains only of natural components and is water-based, which is important to allergic people. TRAVERTINO is non-toxic and odorless.

TRAVERTINO plaster is also very firm due to one of its components: the micro-particles similar to fine sand. No small scratches, chips or other similar damage is a risk for this material on the walls. This coating suits fine for the public places with high visitor traffic, e.g. corridors, halls, technical compartments, garages, workshops, etc. It’s also ideal for rooms where pets reside. For the greater density TRAVERTINO plaster is covered with a layer of LuxDeco finish varnish; that creates additional firm protective layer and allows the surfaced to be wet-cleaned.

For interiors with high humidity финишный лак Proflux finish varnish may be used. It also created additional protective layer and saves the original color and pattern of the plaster for a long period of time.

TRAVERTINO’s appearance can fit into any type of interior if used with taste and creativeness; the result will not disappoint you.

TRAVERTINO’s base color is white, the material is dense. There are several options of its application and further decoration.

TRAVERTINO application techniques (new concept)

Technique #1: Unpigmented base layer is used to create various textures, which imitate torn stripes, “islands” or just even smooth areas. TRAVERTINO VAX with water-paint effect is applied right after the surface is dry; and then the surfaced gets tinted with water-based colorants. Tinting wax is applied with chaotic movements with a sponge or a paint-roll, with strokes of various intensity, as if spreading the surface of decorative coating. This creates the effect of aged walls or may simply underline the structure of the plaster in a new concept style.

Technique #2: TRAVERTINO new concept is tinted en-masse and is applied the same way as described above (Technique #1) imitating different shapes. The plaster can be allied in two layers, each tinted with a different color.