Maroccano Art

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Package: 15 kilos.

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Short description:
Usage amount:
~0.7 kilos per 1 square meters (3 or 4 layers application)

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Option 1:

Color palette
Perlato Oro
Veneciano Vax

Option 2:

Color palette
Veneciano Vax
Gold shine

Moroccan plaster is one of the most sophisticated decorative materials.
It has a long history.
Aged marble has been popular for centuries, and this plaster imitates this effect.


Small grain is used for polishing of marble. This is the grain that has become the base for a special type of plaster, so called “Moroccan” plaster.
It has a series of advantages over marble: it’s easier to work with, it’s moisture- and temperature-durable.

The Moroccan plaster used nowadays is a multi-component cover imitating aged marble with gold inclusions. This material is used for decoration of ceilings, walls, eaves, arches, columns, and other interior elements.
It’s remarkable, that it can be used in high-moisture rooms such as pools, showers, or bathrooms.
Artisans tend to note Moroccan plaster’s eco-friendliness, its natural components, and absence of any organic solvents.

Special instruments are used for application. The material can be applied on brick, concrete, cement, asbestos, plasterboard, concrete-limestone, or particle board.
Before application the surfaced must be armed with special net, and cover it with finishing plaster and primer. The surface must be perfectly even, prepared for paint. We should not that it’s not advisable to apply Moroccan plaster on wooden or metallic surface. This type of application could cause cracks of material, the redecoration is troublesome.
The base of Moroccan plaster is similar to the one used for Venetian plaster, it’s also as pasty. The difference is that Moroccan plaster gives coarser surface, with more relief. Perlato Oro material is also used in combination with it.

“Maroccano” contains only natural components; it’s totally harmless to human organism.
Along with that it provides good vapor permeability which prevents fungus and mold.
Therefore “Maroccano” is recommended for rooms with high humidity: bathrooms, showers, pools.

“Maroccano Art” application — Instruments and materials used:
— “Maroccano Art”
— “Perlato Oro”
— Trowel, spatula
— Tint

“Maroccano Art” is applied with very thin “islands” on the prepared surface.
Perlato Oro material is used as a final layer; it’s applied with a trowel of a spatula over “Maroccano Art” surface with strikes in different directions.
We should note that the process of application depends on the material used; materials from different manufacturers may be recommended to be applied differently.

In case you are and experiences artisan, the application technique is well-known to you, or you have participated in master class from someone professional in this area, feel confident, you can ventur