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Velur decorative coating is a thin-layer decorative material from Wowcolor with special tactile properties of suede and Alcantara, which provides one or another effect depending on the technique of applying this material on the surface.

Decorative paint Velur – is exclusively a design product, which is most often used in public and residential areas.

According to its properties, Velur material is a high-quality decorative plaster on an acrylate basis with elastic additives, which give it a visual and tactile feeling of the skin, suede, velour and velvety Alcantara with a pleasant play of light and shades. Material Velur creates a kind of haze on the surface and in different lighting looks different. Due to its composition, decorative paint Velur has excellent covering properties and does not require special skills for application.

Decorative coating Velur in the interior

Velur material is also called architectural paint, as it is often used by designers and architects in interiors with different styles, performing the function of the background coating, which sets the overall tone and perception of the project as a whole.

Back in 2001, our designers began to actively use this material in their projects!  We are also pleased to present You the author’s design collection of flowers called «seasons», thereby emphasizing Your mood enhanced tactile properties of noble materials. When diluted with water, it is possible to obtain a change in the effect of its tactile sensations resembling a delicate fabric.


It is used for decoration of indoor surfaces.

Operation condition:

In a clean ventilated area, at t 10 — 30°C and a relative humidity of not more than 70%


• preparation of the surface, 1-2 layers of primer-paint Fonprimer in the color Suede as a color substrate;

• preparation: mix the Velur material in one container. When working on the volume, stir the composition periodically, not allowing it to settle;

• tinting: the colors of this material can be mixed with each other for individual color or effect. Tinting in saturated colors is possible, if the amount of colorant does not exceed 10% of the total composition ;

• mix thoroughly!



• roller composition is applied in short, cross-shaped movements. The application takes place in two movements plus two more to level the layer. It is not recommended to roll the composition up and down on the surface of the roller;

• the brush in the application is used to form broaches on small volumes;


• after operation, the tools are cleaned with warm water using neutral detergents.

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