Decorative and Venetian plasters and paints for your interior!

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Each of the materials presented here is a result of our decoration specialists many year’s work.


We offer wide range of high-class coatings, which provide you with unique possibilities in the interior design of walls, ceilings, columns, and other surfaces.


You can familiarize yourself with our entire product range on our web-site. If it is complicated for you to come over to our office you can always place an order via phone. Our manager will provide you with full product information and help you make an order.


It’s unbelievably simple to create golden, silky or velvet effect, create piece-of-the-art painting with various patterns, or imitate real marine scenery using WOWCOLOR coating.

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Plasters and paints:

CREAMA BIANCO STUCCO VENEZIANO is the material used for interior decoration to create the marble effect on the surface. This plaster contains of marble dust and a number of special bonding elements. This type of plaster is often referred to as Venetian plaster due to its genesis. Many historical regions of Italy (like Venice and other) are known for using the ancient-roman wall-decoration technology. The marble dust, which had been left behind the excavation of the marble mines, was used in it. On one hand, the utilization of the marble dust-based plaster was much less expensive than the use of marble itself; on the other – the plaster itself is much more soft and versatile material than the marble. More info…

TRAVERTINO material is permeable to vapor, that said, it means the material allows the walls to “breathe”. It’s a positive thing not only from the ecological point of view, not only it being non-toxic, but this feature also allows to use this material in areas where the surfaces may have a tendency to sag or where the temperatures change drastically. TRAVERTINO plaster contains only of natural components and is water-based, which is important to allergic people.. More info >>

Riviera textured plaster is a decorative material with a filling of cellulose and acrylic elements, the binding elements and marble dust, which are the main components of this material. More info >>

ANTICO SILVER – the silk plaster with pearl-effect. This material imitates silky and velvet-like feel with pearl- and golden shine on the surface. This decorative plaster contains light-reflecting particles that refract light and reflect it in different directions. This is the key to the noble shimmering and silk-effect. More info >>

ANTICO GOLD yields an effect of golden gradient with pearl shine. Its trait is the ability to be combined with any water-based colorant. ANTICO GOLD is manufactured only from natural pigments and wooden gums. More info…>>

Dune Gold is a decorative acrylic cover with golden particles. It creates a velvet shimmering effect. Due to the effect of reduction of the reflection angle this material creates an optical effect of velvet tissue, which is the main feature of this material. Interiors covered with Dune Gold are light and airy. The colors are multilateral; the effect of prestige and coziness is created. More info>>

Marmorino decorative plaster is a thick-layered material. It contains of marble sand and acrylic bindings. Marmorino-based structure is highly plastic, which lets you use this material applying different techniques. More info>>

Siwagi Argento decorative material is a thin layer of plaster with squartz sand. The texture of such decorative paint is totally determined by different application techniques. The thickness of the layer is about 2.5 – 4 mm. After processing the surface’s color and shade may differ. This type of decorative plaster is widely used in contemporary redecoration industry. Wooden and acrylic bindings are used as a main component of Siwagi material. More info >>

Siwagi Oro is a decorative with quartz filling with pearl effect on a golden base, which creates light metallic shimmering effect. These components provide a pleasant shining and gradient of colors. Thanks to this trait, Siwagi Oro lets you create unusual color solutions, pleasant visually and sensually, making the interior amazingly cozy according to newest trends in interior design. More info >>

SWAHILI – is a decorative paint with the effect of radiant crystals. Is easily tinted in different shades, does not require additional protection from moisture or dust. Is used for internal work with a wide range of visual effects. SWAHILI is ideal for painting walls. More info >>

SWAHILI – is a decorative paint with the effect of radiant crystals. Is easily tinted in different shades, does not require additional protection from moisture or dust. Is used for internal work with a wide range of visual effects. SWAHILI is ideal for painting walls. More info >>

Moroccan plaster is one of the most sophisticated decorative materials. It has a long history. Aged marble has been popular for centuries, and this plaster imitates this effect. More info >>

Folgio veneziano is a Venetian plaster with pearl shine and light noble shimmering-effect. It was first introduced in Ancient Rome. It is manufactured from tiniest natural material-based marble and pearl particles and water. The manufacturers only produce natural material-based Folgio veneziano. More info >>

Decorative material called Microcement Art is new to interior design, top-notch material in existing variety of plasters. Microcement is used for floor and mural decoration. It provides smooth surface with no junctures. This material contains of cement and polymers making it highly adhesive. More info >>

Decorative cover with polished concrete effect. With its help you can create junctureless and seamless surface. Perfect for walls in showers, baths, moist and dry areas, kitchens, and aprons. For interiors and facades. More info >>

“Microbeton Art” is a firm decorative material, which is used as a replacement for floor-tiles and self-leveling floor. Fine-grained microcement and calibrated quartz are used as a base for this material. The size of quartz is comparable to the amount of applied layer, which is handy and lets you predict the result with high accuracy. It’s easy to clean (sponge with neutral cleaning liquid); can be applied over existing materials on floors and walls. You can ensure fast, high-quality, modern, and long-lasting redecoration with this material. More info >>

Imperium is a decorative texture plaster. It is used to create such effects as “orange peel”, “world map”, and “fur coat”. Can be used with an aerograph. Complex textures can be achieved with the use of various types of rollers. Textured surface created with the decorative plaster allows you to conceal mural flaws, protects from environmental aggressive factors. This material is very durable, stable to atmospheric influence and sharp drops of temperature. Frost-resistant, doesn’t fade on sunlight. More info >>

Crystal is a decorative coating based on light-scattering crystal microspheres. The effect of flickering reflection is achieved due to the special cutting of the crystal spheres. Crystal is ideal for interior work. Material with a wide range of visual effects, translucent. Forms a thin protective layer with the effect of crystal flicker. More info >>

Velur decorative coating is a thin-layer decorative material from Wowcolor with special tactile properties of suede and Alcantara, which provides one or another effect depending on the technique of applying this material on the surface. Decorative paint Velur – is exclusively a…More info…>>

Waxes and varnishes:

Luxdeco varnish is used with decorative or Venetian plasters. Luxdeco cover is also used to create the effect of aged decorative plaster or shiny Venetian plaster. This varnish creates strong covering layer with a light glossy effect, helps save the colors and saturation of the decorative plaster. Luxdeco protects the surface from scratching and mechanical impact. Decorative plasters covered with Luxdeco are suitable for intensive cleaning, for the high-humidity areas. More info …

Travertino Vax is a tinting wax cover. It creates the gradient shades with aquarelle effect on the surface of textured plaster. This material is tinted with water-based tints. Using Travertino Vax you can achieve the following effects: aged ancient walls, patina, and natural stone imitation. Travertino Vax is applied in large quantities with a wide brush on dry surface of the plaster, after that it’s pressed into surface with a sponge in order to create gradient shades. Tint according to your project with water-based tints. More info…

Veneciano Vax is a colorless protective wax. It is used for Venetian plasters to create the effect of noble shiny gloss. Unlike other waxes, Veneciano Vax does not create and additional film on the surface, instead it literally sinks into its structure, filling surface micropores. This technology protects the surface from the aggressive environment. Veneciano Vax is not to be dissolved in water, it’s 100% ready to use as sold. This material is totally organic. It contains organic fat, bee wax, lumber gum, nutritional fragrances and thickeners, which makes the material totally eco-clean and GMO-free. Veneciano Vax can be tinted with any water-based tints, including powder-based Shine tints. This creates the golden or aged-metal effect. More info …

Veneciano Vax Paraffin Base wax allows walls to get rid of vapor and “to breathe”. Wax can make the surface covered with Venetian plaster more shine or, on the contrary, to dim it. This depends on the intensity of polishing. More info …