Craquelure Antique

Price: 5400 rubles.

Package — 3 kilos

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Creates the effect of aged cracked surface. The material is used as an intermediary layer between two layers of material, forcing outer layer to crack and making the cracks of inner layers see through. Tinted Fonprimer or Velatura Fondo, primer paint is used as an inner layer. Creama Bianco, Marmorino, Maroccano Art and other decorative plasters may be used as outer layer.

Cover the primer paint with Perlato Argento, Perlato Oro, Antico Silver, Antico Gold  in order to create silver or golden cracks.

Application areas:
Used for interior decoration of private and public areas. Applied after the primer on concrete, cement, decorated (except the ones covered with limestone-based materials) with plaster, plasterboard, concrete blocks, and ceramic brick. Drying time: 6 to 12 hours depending on layer thickness and humidity.
Application technology:

Apply tinted primer paint on dry dust-free surface. Two layers should be used for contrast bases. After 6 hours apply 1 or 2 layers of Craquelure Antique varnish with a brush or a roller. More varnish you use, the thicker the cracks would appear. Second layer of varnish should be applied after the first layer is dry by touch (in 1 or 2 hours). After 2 hours after the application of the varnish apply 1 layer of tinted paint or decorative plaster. The cracks start appearing during the first hour after application, the process will be going on during the succeeding hour. For better and stronger craquelure effect apply on contrast-colored base.

Apply at temperatures around 18-25 C. Application on hot layers (above 25 C) and at high humidity (above 70%) is forbidden.

In compliance with GOST 9980.5-2009 at temperature from 5 to 30 C. Keep in sealed package.

Vinyl polymer, water, plasticizer, functional supplements.


1 layer: 0,10 – 0,12 liters per square meter of Crackelure Antique

Best before:​

3 years from manufacturing date. Store in factory package at temperature from 5 to 30 C.

Usually used with:

Creama Bianco
Microcement Art